NCTGL Origins

The North Coast Traveling Golf League (NCTGL) has been in existence since 1972. 

Originally formed as Ohio Bell Invitational Golf League (OBGIL), to be distinguished from other Ohio Bell Telephone golf leagues in existence at the time.  OBGIL was limited to Ohio Bell Telephone employees until 1984, when AT&T was ordered to divest Ohio Bell and all other local telephone companies.  As a result, membership was expanded to non-Ohio Bell employees, for the first time.  The name was changed at this time to the North Coast Traveling Golf League (NCTGL).    

For more information on the NCTGL, please refer to the 2018 Mailer under the "About Us" tab. 

The membership roster has opening for players interested in playing Saturday mornings.  Maintaining a handicap slope index of <25.0 is required of all NCTGL players.  

If interested and have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  For who to contact go to the "Contact Us" tab.